Jane Johnson Architects (JJA) is essentially a one-woman band, but architecture is always about teamwork.  Depending on the size and nature of the project Jane Johnson brings on sub-contractors to assist or works in association with other firms to ensure the programme is met. The best solutions come from honest and frank collaboration between architect, client, consultants and builder, where a mutual respect not just for each other, but for the environment they are building in, is paramount. 



"What makes a good client?"

Somebody who understands that the design and building process is not a linear one.  Each building designed by JJA is essentially a 1:1 prototype.  It can't be road tested before you buy.  Engaging an architect is ultimately a leap of faith. JJA makes a commitment to listen to our client and if you are new to the building process we will guide you through the various stages.

A good client understands the benefits of living and working in an environment which breathes, and which changes with the seasons.



"Who engages the consultants, and which consultants does JJA use?"

All consultants are directly engaged by the client, but JJA is able to make recommendations.  Depending on the scale and nature of the project, there are a vast array of consultants who may be required: engineers such as structural, mechanical, hydraulic, acoustic and civil plus landscape architects and heritage consultants to name a few.

JJA thrives on working closely with these consultants to ensure the best possible solution for the building and site is achieved.



"Does JJA work with a particular builder?"

No, choosing the builder happens after consultation with the client. Some clients already have a builder in mind, and intend to involve that builder in the design and documentation process from early on.  Others prefer to go to competitive tender. JJA is able to make recommendations and has worked with some excellent builders and tradespeople.

In fact, it is the working relationship with the people on site which can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of being an architect.